13 Valuable Tips for Burglary Protection

13 Valuable Tips for Burglary Protection

13 Valuable Tips for Burglary Protection

What really deters burglars?

A camera, motion detectors, and a burglar alarm are very effective if you want to deter burglars. Use so-called burglar signs to your advantage. Those who go on vacation and leave their house unattended should not close the shutters.

How do I secure my house against burglars?

Lock all windows and doors. Do not hide spare keys outside. Do not leave climbing aids, such as ladders or garden chairs, lying around. Valuables such as jewelry, securities, or cash should be kept in a bank safe deposit box at least during your absence.

Which houses do burglars prefer to break into?

Houses with visual obstructions like hedges and walls are very popular with burglar gangs. Burglars prefer houses that do not have visible security measures, such as missing additional locks on doors and windows or the absence of surveillance cameras with motion detectors.

What burglary protection does the police recommend?

You can offer the burglar a certain level of resistance and potentially prevent a break-in. Therefore, they are an essential requirement for effective burglary protection. The police recommend tested and certified products of the K-EINBRUCH Level B for your mechanical security.

Would burglars break into a house where the lights are on?

The likelihood of burglars breaking into a house or apartment where the lights are on is rather low. This is because thieves assume that the residents are present. Therefore, light is a very effective burglary deterrent.

What do burglars do before they break in?

A few days before a potential break-in, they scour streets, neighborhoods, or entire districts and spy on the area unnoticed. Here, they observe very carefully who goes in and out and at what times people are home.

Where do burglars look first in an apartment?

The bedroom is often searched first because criminals expect to find the most loot there, followed by the living room or office. Every thief knows the common cash hiding places, which is why these spots are undoubtedly considered unsafe for hiding money.

When are burglars active?

Burglars rarely come at night, but often in the afternoons and evenings. The peak times, with about 22 percent of the incidents, are between 6 PM and 8 PM. More than half of all registered burglaries occur between 4 PM and 10 PM.

What attracts burglars?

Generally, tilted windows, unlocked apartment doors, or entry aids such as trash cans or ladders make it easy to break in. Break-ins in single-family homes usually occur through patio doors and windows and less frequently through front doors and basements.

How long does a burglary usually take?

Relatively short. Police statistics have shown that if there is too much resistance from doors or windows (break-in time exceeds 5 minutes), the burglary attempt is aborted.

Which floor is the safest?

The top floor. This statistic clearly shows that ground and mezzanine floors are particularly targeted in all apartment burglaries. The argument that burglars use the top floor or attic to remain undetected is less accurate than generally assumed.

What does a stone in front of the front door mean?

If there is a stone in front of your front door, it may be that burglars are spying on your apartment or house. With the stone, they test whether the residents have returned home or if the house has been empty for a long time. A new trend is also the so-called "warchalking."

Enhancing Your Home Security

Utilizing Home Security Systems and Security Cameras can significantly reduce the risk of burglary. Furthermore, ensuring your home is adequately insured provides additional peace of mind. Protect your home, loved ones, and belongings by implementing these valuable tips and maintaining a secure environment.


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